American built quick access handgun safe technology ensures you have access to your security firearm when the occasion arises.

Rugged. Portable. Secure.

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Built To Last

Founded in 2005 by an accomplished mechanical engineer with over 27 years of experience in security hardware design and development, Titan Security Products promises practical design and innovation.

Our innovative security system is built from premium-quality hardened steel and patented metal brackets to withstand any threat, forced entry, freezing, heat, moisture, and even EMP signals.

Approved by the California Department of Justice, our Titan products ensure that you get a quick access handgun safe that’s rugged and completely safe to store your firearms.

Titan Security Products promises integrity and a strong commitment to creating reliable, practical, and user-friendly safes.

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A Few Seconds Makes All The Difference Between Successfully De-escalating A Threat And Experiencing An Unfortunate Event...

Elevator Holster Rack System

Retrieve your firearm Rapidly, Safely, and Conveniently using the Elevator Holster Rack System that is a common feature of Titan Pistol Vault and Titan Compact Vault products.

How does this work?

When you unlock the auto-deliver gun safe, the elevator holster rack rapidly makes your gun easily accessible for you to grab without fumbling around, ensuring you and your firearm are ready as quickly as possible should the need arise.

A simple, yet innovative feature that adds another layer of user friendly and useful functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the safes fire rated?

The safes were designed for fast and easy access to the owner of the safe with the known combination. The safes do not have a UL fire rating.

Will the safe be damaged by moisture?

The black powder coat finish is meant to be weather and moisture resistant, however the safe is designed for indoor use.

Do you recommend I bolt my safe to a secure structure?

We highly recommend that your safe is bolted to a secure structure.

Where can I place my safe?

Titan Security Products are known for under bed gun safe, vehicle gun safe, office gun safe, boat gun safe, RV gun safe, and yet they are very portable gun safes.

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