Cobra Stun Flashlight

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Cobra Stun Flashlight


The Cobra Stun Flashlight is a powerful 7 million volt (7000KV) stun gun and 180 Lumen’s Flashlight: see, hear and feel the power of personal protection. 


  • Powerful End Double Prongs deliver 7 million volts (7000KV) of power
  • 180 Lumen's Flashlight
  • Loud Siren
  • Compact Size (2” x 1” x 5”)- Conceals easily
  • Disable Pin/Wrist Strap deactivates the Stun Feature when removed to prevent the Cobra Stun Gun from being used on the owner in the event of an emergency
  • Accidental Discharge Security Button
  • Full Rubber Armor
  • Convenient Color Coordinated Clip Carry Case with front snap for easy access
  • Built-in Internal Rechargeable Battery with an integrated wall charger – No expensive batteries to buy