Titan Security Products About Us

Our History

Titan Vault was founded in 2005 by an accomplished mechanical engineer. With over 27 years of experience in security hardware design and development, Titan Vault’s products promise practical design and innovation right off the bat!

With nine U.S registered patents to our credit, we promise integrity and commitment like no other business. Having spent around 27 years in the security lock designing industry, we have mastered the craft of creating reliable, practical, and user-friendly safes.

Being a family-owned business, we take our time to review each of our products and ensure that it’s effective. Moreover, we ensure that each product works at its optimum capacity and will help save lives when the need arises!

Our Distinct Approach Is What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition

Being a small, family-owned business, we offer great attention to detail to each one of our products. Whether customers opt to buy our Titan Pistol Vault or need to get their hands on our Titan Compact Vault, we promise that you’ll get a product that redefines security for you.

At Titan Vault, we’re all about delivering quality products that feature an ingenious design and promise practicality. Having spent over 25 years as a Security Design Engineer, we have mastered the craft of creating security locks that are safe, secure and provide quick and easy access for owners.

Titan Vault identifies the shortcomings of the security system, and this is where we stand apart from the usual crowd! Our quick access gun safety technology ensures that you have access to your security firearm, can retrieve it on time, and is quick enough to save your life.

Moreover, our customers can rest assured that they are making the right choice as our Titan Vault products are approved by the California Department of Justice.

Our Customer Reviews are Our Guarantee of Trust!

No matter where they come from or what industry they cater to, all our customers report a 100% satisfaction rate. Our Titan Pistol Vault and our Titan Compact Vault are built from premium quality steel and feature an innovative quick access handgun safe technology.

Our integrity and commitment allow us to serve our customers with premium quality gun safes. It offers them peace of mind that they’ve invested in the fastest gun deployment safe in the world and made the right choice!

Head to our customer reviews page, and their trust and appreciation will have you placing your order with Titan Vault in no time!

 You can also visit us on another platform www.TitanVault.com