TITAN Compact Vault

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Designed by Americans for Americans the Titan Gun Safe is built in the USA. What makes our safe the best you ask? The simple answer is quality. Our Gun Safe is Hardened to Military Spec Alloy Steel, it far exceeds industry standards in tensile strength and reliability, not inferior low-grade steel. The Titan Gun Safe is the only safe in the market with our patented elevator holster mechanism designed to deliver the gun in your hand as the lid opens. Titan Gun Safe dwarf's competition with reliability, its mechanical locking mechanism also derived from Military guidelines. With no batteries required no amount of heat, cold moisture or even EMP can affect its ability to serve you when you need it the most!

Be Armed And Ready In Seconds! With Our Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

When only seconds count there is no second best. In a Life or Death situation, a traditional floor standing Gun Safe is not in reach and even slower to access. Leaving you vulnerable in a home invasion scenario. The Titan Gun Safe solves this issue. With a capacity to fit one pistol up to 7.5 inches in length. Your pistol will fit snugly in our revolutionary compact holster. Semi-automatic, Revolver (2in barrel)  This unit will not accommodate light attachments it will fit compact and subcompact firearms.  The Titan Compact Vault is portable, using our patented universal mounting brackets. You can mount it under the bed, in the car, behind a nightstand or headboard and even under your desk. The mounting configurations are only limited by your imagination. The Titan Gun Safes built in holster also delivers your firearm in your hand in 1.5 seconds. You can be armed in seconds, watch a video of our safe in action Click Here!


Make sure any gun safe you buy is listed on the Roster of Approved Firearms Safety Devices. The California Department of Justice has approved our gun safe after rigorous testing. Many products on the market are cheaper imports with inferior designs making them susceptible to failure. This test is expensive and required four samples of our safe to be submitted for testing at the DOJ lab in order to make it on the list.

Titan Compact Vault Specifications

Product Description:

Titan Compact Vault, for guns under 8" long, Versatile, Reliable and Secure GunVault on the market today. Best under the bed and in-vehicle gun safe. It has earned Two US patents for its originality and uniqueness. (Patent Numbers: 07299667, 07434427) The Ammo Box & Cable Lock is sold separately, not included. It will not fit Guns longer than 8" in total length. Damage caused by using larger guns is not covered under warranty.

This unit is 2.5" shorter than its predecessor Titan Pistol Vault.  Weight: 7 pounds Dimensions (without ammo box): It measures 10” L x 8” W x 2¾" H. Dimensions (with ammo box): It measures 10” L x 10” W x 2¾" H. The Ammo box can also be mounted on the front panel and the side panel of the safe.

This unit will not accommodate light attachments it will fit compact and subcompact firearms. It is designed for carrying guns only. It will not fit Guns longer than 8" in total length. 

What’s Included:

Universal holster 2 separate universal mounting brackets Bed clamp, (no-drill Installation), hardware packet and lock arm Installation and owner’s manual

Our Titan Gun Safe also has the following optional accessories

The Titan Cable Lock is essentially a cable you can attach to your safe to give you, even more, ways to secure your safe where you cannot permanently mount it to a bracket. A great option to allow you to transport your safe to your hotel room or secure it inside a leased vehicle. The Titan Ammo Box attaches to the side of your Titan Gun Safe allowing you to store your pistol magazine in a separate container locking under one lid. For California and Canadian residents, strict firearms laws make this a must-have add-on.