Titan Pistol Vault Bundle

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In this offer, you will receive a Titan Pistol Vault along with Titan Ammo Box and Titan cable lock + Free Shipping.
1. Titan Pistol Vault is the only safe in the market with our patented elevator holster mechanism designed to deliver the gun in your hand as the lid opens. Titan Gun Safe dwarf's competition with reliability, its mechanical locking mechanism also derived from Military guidelines. With no batteries required no amount of heat, cold moisture or even EMP can affect its ability to serve you when you need it the most!
It will accommodate guns under 10.0" long, Versatile, Reliable and Secure Pistol Vault on the market today. Best under the bed and in-vehicle gun safe. 
Product Description:
Titan Pistol Vault.  Weight: 10 pounds Dimensions (without ammo box): It measures 11.5” L x 8” W x 2¾" H. Dimensions (with ammo box): It measures 11.5” L x 10” W x 2¾" H. The Ammo box can also be mounted on the front panel and the side panel of the safe.
 2.Titan Ammo Box. This device lets you store your unloaded firearm and magazine in separate locked containers in compliance with laws requiring unloaded weapons and ammo to be locked in separate containers.
It will accommodate two single or one double stack Magazine up to 5 ½"long. It will also accommodate two Speed-Loaders not to exceed 1 ½ " in diameter.
3.Titan Cable Lock. This Cable lock will secure your safe WHEN IS MOBILE; to your rental/lease car or can be used in your hotel room to secure to a fixed object. The steel cable is 24" long and 5/16" in diameter.