Titan Universal Mount

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Titan Universal Mount

The Titan Universal Mount is crafted using 14-gauge hardened steel and will allow easy installation of the Titan Vault in most locations. This mount can be secured to a flat surface such as under a desk, against a wall or behind a furniture item. You may also use the small mount in a vehicle, under-seat installation is best.

*The Universal Mount is included with the purchase of the Titan Pistol Vault and the Titan Compact Vault, however, several may be purchased for additional mounting locations.


Installation Directions:

The Titan Universal Mount can be installed in four different directions, included in the owner's manual. Simply choose one and then insert the lock arm into the allotted slot and rotate to 90°- this will mount your safe to the universal mounting plate. The safe cannot be removed while the lid is closed and locked, making theft impossible. Please secure the mounting plate to a permanent and fixed object to avoid theft of your safety system.

  • Wall installation: Be sure to use a stud locator. Secure the mounting plate over the stud at the intersection to maximize the holding force. You should connect to the stud with at least four mounting holes, use all mounting holes if possible. Use screw anchors if necessary.
  • Floor Installation: we provide carriage bolts, log screws and sheet metal screws for all possible applications. Use where necessary.
  • Vehicle Installation: Please consult with your dealership if you are not confident with this type of installation. Use the Universal Bed Mount for sideways and upright positioning. For mounting your safe under the seat, use the Universal mount. Always allow swing clearance for the lid to fully open.


*Your Titan Vault purchase also comes equipped with the Large Universal Bed Mount for additional mounting options.