Universal Gun Cleaning Kit With Carrying Box For Pistol & Rifle

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- Kit includes: 3 brass rods, brushes, mops, spear-pointed jags, cleaning patches and much more.
- Universally accommodates for any type of firearms such as pistols, 30 caliber rifles, pistols, shotguns, and muzzle loaders.
- Durable plastic case with buckle locks that protects all the essentials needed to carry around.
- Maintains the lifespan of your guns with a thorough cleaning.
- 60 cleaning patches that are 3x3" inches in size. - 60 additional cleaning patches that are 3x1 1/2" inches in size.

Package includes: 14X brushes, 9X mops, 12X spear-pointed jags, 1X black power jag, 4X slotted patch loops, 3X utility brushes, 3X muzzle guards, 3X accessory adapters, 60 3x3" cleaning patches, 60 3x1 1/2 " cleaning patches, 4X polishing clothes

Color: GREEN